Hiring someone for tree removal in Oshawa

Couple of months ago a neighbour came over to my house to chat, we always enjoy sitting together over a cup of tea and some scones. Not that we’re brits by any means, I’m not sure if that’s really a british thing or not come to think of it. Anyhow, we got to the subject of landscaping which inevitably moved on to trees and foliage of all sorts. Now we’ve always had this huge tree in our backyard that was really bothersome, and after much discussion I came to conclusion that the tree should be removed from our yard. Why suffer with that obnoxious thing any longer when we can just hire a local tree service company to come and get rid of it? Well, there is no good reason and so that set me on my journey to find someone who can do the job, and do it well.

In Oshawa, Ontario (not too far from the big city of Toronto) there are a few different companies that provide these services, and you will definitely want to hire someone because the job requires huge, loud, messy machinery to do it properly. The biggest step is probably cutting the tree down, which takes a professional that knows their craft inside and out if you want to avoid property damage, a quick search on YouTube revealed this to me:

So I set about contacting all the local companies. I found one guy in particular that was really genuine and helpful, he runs iTrim4u who provide Oshawa tree trimming & removal services, they came and not only cut out tree down but did the entire stump grinding process. They use a pretty huge machine that basically scoops/chops the stump out of the ground, here’s a video of that machine as well, very powerful and gets the job done:

The cost wasn’t that great, but then again my tree wasn’t huge. So all in all my experience was pretty good and so if you have pesky annoying trees don’t stress about it just have them removed. I’ll do my best to get some pictures of the aftermath, but it’s not really much to show since the tree is gone now (maybe I have some old pictures of the tree still up I can add here). Until then, have a nice day!

Unclogging a sink with a plunger

It all happened one day when I was about to go and try to use my sink to wash some dishes. YEs, I happen to still be a person that does not have a dishwasher. Often times my friends think it’s ridiculous that I don’t have one yet (speaking as if I will be eventually getting one, nice thought) but I do not agree with the waste of resources. So much water running down the drain, so much electricity. These are calories I could be burning myself after all, besides who doesnt need to lose a few pounds and stay physically able at the same time.

But I must digress if I am to get to the point here which is actually: drain cleaning. I was struggling to find a solution to my clogged drain. Since it was so clogged I could not even get the water to go down the drain after waiting for an entire hour. At this point I decided to do some research, I came across this great blog post describing methods to unclog your drain all by yourself. Some of us simply don’t have the extra finances, or don’t want to spend the finances, on hiring a professional if the job can be done all by yourself.

unclogging a sink with a plunger

Luckily, I followed the directions on that website and I discovered that it was not all that hard to fix. I used the plunger trick, I had never thought of using a plunger to clear a clogged sink drain. It was not very easy at first, I thought I was going to have to wait for my hubby to get home to help me out but I kept at it and using a cloth to block the other drain (and a lot of swearing) I eventually managed to unplug the blockage. Guess it serves me right for washing peas down the sink drain the other day (oops). If you ever have an issue with blocked drains you should definitely try using the plunger method to clear it out.