4 Ways To Use Rose Hydrosol Every Day

rose with water on it, before being turned into rose hydrosolIf living a more natural and balanced life is important to you then rose hydrosol should be part of your daily routine. Rose water is great for you skin and is a wonderful way to beautiful skin naturally. Rose water can also be used to promote mental clarity, relaxation, and increase self-esteem. Rose water has many of the same health benefits as rose essential oil but rose water doesn’t cause the same sensitivities that essential oils can cause. So if you have had skin sensitivity to essential oils in the past rose water is a great substitute for essential oil. If you want to look and feel better here are 4 ways you should be using rose water everyday:

On Your Skin

Rose hydrosol can fight the effects of aging thanks to the antioxidants it contains. It also kills bacteria that can cause acne and blemishes. You should add a little rose water to your daily face wash and use a homemade facial toner that contains rose water if you want your skin to look as great as possible every day. Rose water can also be used to treat small cuts and scrapes gently. You can even make a handy exfoliating scrub using old coffee grounds mixed with rose water.

In Your Kitchen

Because rose water has anti-bacterial agents it’s a sweet smelling way to clean the kitchen. Mix some rose water and a few drops of a liquid soap in a bottle to create your own kitchen cleaner that smells great and kills germs naturally. You can also mix baking soda with rose hydrosol to make a great paste for scrubbing hard stains or scrubbing the stove after you make a meal.

In The Bathroom

You can make your bathroom smell great without using a chemical air freshener. Just spray some rose water on your towels and hang them up to dry. As the water evaporates into the air the smell of rose will drift around the bathroom making it smell more like a spa than a bathroom. You can also spray the shower curtain with rose water and get the same effect if you have a cloth shower curtain.

To Relax

At the end of the day there’s nothing like a hot bath to help you relax. Instead of pouring chemical fragrance products into your bath mix some Epsom salts with rose water and pour them into your bath. You can relax into the calming scent of rose while the salts soak away aches and pains.

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