3 Reasons to Hire Licensed Plumbers for a Manhole Installation

manhole installed by professional plumbersManhole installations are in high demand right now ever since the City of Toronto changed the regulations earlier this year. With all the changes, some people have opted to forgo a professional Toronto manhole installation crew and instead hire handymen for the same work. This has been causing problems all over the city. Here are just three reasons why you should hire professional, experienced manhole installers to get your business up to code.

Improper Installation

The biggest risk that you take with going for a non-professional manhole installation crew is the quality of the work, as reported to us by experienced plumber Absolute Draining & Plumbing in Toronto. “There is a lot of preparation and planning required to correctly install a manhole, most fly-by night handymen or inexperienced plumbers won’t have the skills or knowledge to properly install a manhole in accordance with their local municipal building codes and/or bylaws.”, Andrew explained to us. Manholes have to follow specific guidelines, but they are also intensive projects that require a multitude of experts, from builders to plumbers and more.

Non-professional crews simply don’t have the skills to do these multifaceted projects to the standards expected. A professional team coordinates all the different skills needed for a timely and properly-installed manhole.

Code Violations

The new manhole regulations have brought with them a few changes to the city’s codes and expectations, meaning that your average handyman will probably not know what’s expected this year. Even if they somehow managed to stay up-to-date on plumbing codes in Toronto, they probably won’t know the latest changes, and since these manholes need to be installed quickly, they need to be correct the first time. Professional Toronto manhole installation crews are trained in the right ways of making manholes so that they’ll be up to code and approved. That’s a guarantee.

Unprofessional Work

While hiring a handyman can result in serious code violations, they’re also much less likely to conduct their business in a professional and courteous manner. So even if they do the work, do it according to the codes, and do it for a fair price, there’s still a chance they’ll do it late, leave a complete mess, or do work that looks right, but isn’t actually done to the high standards required. Rather than use a handyman for manhole installation, it’s much better to go with the professionals. That way, the work will be right, on time, and done to the right standards.

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