4 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Windows

Can you remember the last time you cleaned the windows of your property? If you cannot remember then it is probably the time to do that because cleaning your windows is more important that you can ever imagine!

When it comes to cleaning our property, you will definitely spend a lot of time on mopping your sticky floors, but unclean windows are something which seldom make it to the priority list of many people out there.

In fact, cleaning your windows on a regular basis is one of the wisest decision you can make as a property owner! Although it can be a real hassle for many people, but the benefits of having clean windows can’t be easily ignored. From improving the aesthetics of your house to increasing the value of your business, cleaning your windows is beneficial for you for a number of reasons.
So, below, we have put together 4 important reasons due to which you should consider cleaning your windows.

1. To improve the aesthetic appeal of your property

Dirty windows can make your otherwise spotless property look unclean. The reason unclean windows give a nasty look to your property is that windows occupy a massive portion of wall space hence they need to be spotless so as to preserve the aesthetics of your property. Furthermore, the grime that builds up on windows due to weathering effects stops sunlight from entering your property in all its glory.

In case of homeowners, clean windows make their homes more appealing and create a positive impression on their guests. While in case of business owners, clean windows show their clients how willing they are to cater even the tiniest details.

Clean windows improve the aesthetic appeal of your property and make you feel better about yourself and the rest of the world. For instance, a person with cleaned spectacles will definitely feel better than the one with uncleaned glasses because he is better able to see the world!

2. To avoid the degradation of glass

Cleaning your windows can greatly help you in improving their strength and longevity. Being a porous material, glass can easily become contaminated with various pollutants. And if these contaminants aren’t removed from the surface, they not only decrease its strength, making it more prone to shattering, but also reduce its transparency giving it a dull look.
Uncleaned windows are also at a great risk of etching – the chemical deterioration of glass in the presence of acidic agents present in the air. Etching can make glass weak enough to break even from a slight hit.

Once the glass becomes subjected to environmental contaminants and weathering agents, it degrades to the point that you are left with no choice but to replace the whole window pane. The process is not only costly but also inconvenient and time-consuming.

So, if you want to save some real cash in the longer run, just make sure to regularly clean your windows. Cleaning your windows will immediately remove all contaminants which have deposited on the surface of the glass and will not only improve its strength and longevity but also its aesthetics.

3. To improve energy efficiency

Cleaning your windows can greatly increase your property’s energy efficiency and can save you a considerable amount of cash by reducing your energy bills. Unclean windows with dirt and grime negatively interact with sunlight and its natural warming action by reflecting it back into the atmosphere. Thus, these deposits stop the warming sunlight from entering your property in cold seasons.

On the other hand, clean windows filter maximum amount of sunlight allowing it to warm the internal environment of your property and, hence, reduce your energy bills.
Moreover, weathering and oxidation action around the frames can create air leaks by damaging the window seals. Such air leaks allow the exchange of air between the internal and external environment of your property resulting in a considerable loss in energy efficiency. So, the easiest way to avoid all this fuss is regularly clean your windows or have them cleaned by professional window cleaners.

4. To increase the value of your property

Last but not the least, clean windows can significantly impact the curb appeal and the value of your property. If you are trying to sell your property then its first impression on the potential buyers serves as a huge deciding factor in your deal. And clean windows are one of the most important things that boost your property’s impression.

So, if you want to maintain an attractive curb appeal of your property, make sure to keep your windows in a perfectly cleaned state.

Unclogging a sink with a plunger

It all happened one day when I was about to go and try to use my sink to wash some dishes. YEs, I happen to still be a person that does not have a dishwasher. Often times my friends think it’s ridiculous that I don’t have one yet (speaking as if I will be eventually getting one, nice thought) but I do not agree with the waste of resources. So much water running down the drain, so much electricity. These are calories I could be burning myself after all, besides who doesnt need to lose a few pounds and stay physically able at the same time.

But I must digress if I am to get to the point here which is actually: drain cleaning. I was struggling to find a solution to my clogged drain. Since it was so clogged I could not even get the water to go down the drain after waiting for an entire hour. At this point I decided to do some research, I came across this great blog post describing methods to unclog your drain all by yourself. Some of us simply don’t have the extra finances, or don’t want to spend the finances, hiring professional to fix a clogged drain if the job can be done all by yourself.

unclogging a sink with a plunger

Luckily, I followed the directions on that website and I discovered that it was not all that hard to fix. I used the plunger trick, I had never thought of using a plunger to clear a clogged sink drain. It was not very easy at first, I thought I was going to have to wait for my hubby to get home to help me out but I kept at it and using a cloth to block the other drain (and a lot of swearing) I eventually managed to unplug the blockage. Guess it serves me right for washing peas down the sink drain the other day (oops). If you ever have an issue with blocked drains you should definitely try using the plunger method to clear it out.